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Flyfishing for chalkstream brown trout and grayling in Hampshire: River Anton at Goodworth Clatford. Brown trout chalkstream flyfishing at its very best


Dry fly on the Anton - on the Morgan's Ear - 2lbs.13ozs.

Perhaps it really is a special coming together - a remarkable chalk stream trout fishery, and a small fly fishing company producing craftsman made, quality goods. Both uphold traditional values. The carefully managed fishery is set in a picturesque village with white-washed, thatched cottages that reflect the pride of the local inhabitants, who offer friendly and relaxed hospitality. This is traditional England at its very best and light years away from the more crowded, costly tourist traps.

The water quality is exceptional and, I am told, drinkable. The fact is, there are no trout farms or sewage works with their input. Consequently weed growth, eg., ranunculus, is good, with the resulting fly hatches. This is surely one of the finest Chalkstreams in the world. There is a considerable stock of wild indigenous brown trout, augmented by stocking the river with Test strain trout occasionally throughout the season. Prolific Mayfly from mid May to mid June. (possibly the best anywhere in the UK and Ireland ). Significant hatches of Olives (various), and, large hatches of sedges which provide excellent evening rises throughout the summer.

Trevor with Trout and Grayling caught on the Anton
The 2lb.plus Grayling is the top fish on the net.
The May fly this year on the Anton was the best in living memory. Trout of up to 3lbs.4ozs. were caught. Also very big Grayling were caught (2lbs 3ozs. by Trevor). Any doubts about quantities of trout were dispelled when the evening rise to the Spent was seen. --Unbelievable!!

Fishing has always been of the highest standards - upstream dry fly. For those who find this daunting, let me reassure you that the excitement of targeting your trout and casting to the rise must rank as the ultimate pleasure in fly fishing. It is achievable and please remember, when you book a lesson with Trevor, it will be Trevor and no-one else who will be your instructor. We are here to help, and we offer a personal, professional service.

Bookings - We are pleased to accept these for:
  • Individual rods
  • Two rods
  • Tuition
  • Corporate or organised events

It could also be worthwhile enquiring about special offers that become available from time to time.

Accommodation - we are happy to organise accommodation, which primarily will be at the Queen Anne Cottage, which has one double, one twin and one single room. Prices start from £45 per person per night.

Catering - all requirements will be met by suppliers with fresh local produce. Lunches and drinks, etc., can be served at the fishing huts on the bank by prior arrangement.

Queen Anne Cottage, unique accommodation in traditional settings
Modern furnishing
Where breakfast is served
Nick Wadham with a typical grayling from the Anton
Trevor with a typical Anton catch
Beat Four
The social side to fishing! Every Beat has its own fishing hut
Trevor fishing on Beat One
Charles Leech lands a good brown trout on Beat Two
Ian Maxwell into a good trout on the Mayfly
A classic Test strain
brown trout
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