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Salmon & Trout Flies - New concepts by Trevor Morgan


When we continue with the quality aspect of the rods and reels to the flies, then there is no doubting here is something quite unique.

All of these flies result from Trevor's personal fishing experience. Take for example The Dancing Damsel which must rank as one of the greatest killers of our time. (Ask anyone who's fished it). It is jointed, made from Arctic Fox fur and featured in Fly Fishing Fly Tying magazine – “ Articulate the Arctic “. If this fly were stripped or pulled through the water – forget it. Instead fish it on a sink and draw style with a few twitches and it becomes something else. This also emphasises Trevor's main aim, which is to encourage thoughtful fly fishing.

We have discovered a wonderful salmon-fly dresser in Scotland. His quality is quite superb and we now ask him to tie all of our clients' salmon flies. Click here to see some popular patterns.

Look at the Pheasant Tail Nymph and you can recognize some significant changes. The wing case is different to the body. The thorax is more “buggy” and there are two strands of copper tinsel in the tail along with a mother of pearl tag. It is so revolutionary that to dress this fly you have to use a technique, developed by Trevor, the “reverse wing case”. This is where the wing case, using claret dyed pheasant tail, and thorax are dressed first and then the body winding 3 turns of natural pheasant tail is dressed neatly up to the rear of the wing case. (Club Secretaries please note for future main speakers).

Mention the “buggy” thorax and we must introduce the fox squirrel. It is similar to hare's ear, but with a greater number of guard hairs. Certainly, this fishes better than hare's ear fur for sizes up to 16, but for really small patterns, it is back to the traditional hare's ear.

The Nimrod is a pattern which is also the result of the reverse wing case technique.

This pattern is now established in six countries and has had enormous success in still waters and a good number of rivers.

Do we mention the Morgan's Green Midge, Morgan's Buzzer etc. etc.? Space does not permit this. However, by now you have realized that here is something that is unique and special, and perhaps another good reason to come in and join us.



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