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Fly fishing gifts for Christmas, birthdays and as leaving presents
for keen fly fishers - personalised and special


Gifts are one of Trevor's most popular requests so here are a few suggestions:

  • A gift token for a days fishing with Trevor Morgan--- on the Anton.
  • A day fishing with Trevor at an alternative suitable venue.
  • A private lesson with Trevor at the casting clinic near Dagenham Learn to cast, fishing techniques, and see how to dress a trout fly as well as learn about basic entomology.
  • An attractive personalised gift token can be prepared.
  • What about a craftsman made fly box suitably engraved and with a selection of Trevor's trout flies? This would be something quite special and unique.
  • A fly rod with the leather rod case, both suitably engraved.
  • Leather Game Bags. These are exceptional quality game bags made to our design and crafted in the finest leather available.

In response to public demand we can arrange for gift tokens for that special present which reflects originality and thought. These tokens would cover tuition with Trevor, from a casting lesson to a full days fishing. Perhaps you may feel a fly box, suitably engraved, and some flies would be appropriate.

Talk to us about your ideas and together we will come up with a quality gift.

Illustrated (right) is a sample of some work Trevor is asked to do regularly. These are sought by various businesses where they are displayed in sales offices.

Apparently they are used as "ice breakers" - an increasing number of people fly fish than ever before - so it starts the meeting off with a few friendly words. And of course for individuals who want these for their own homes.

The flies illustrated here are FULLY DRESSED versions, in the traditional way which reflects Trevor's heritage.

David Miller

We have some signed limited edition prints of the work of this now well known artist. These include the Sea Trout at Night and a Brown Trout. The prints will be suitably framed and would make an excellent, special quality present.

Prices start £140.00

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