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Exclusive Javelin fishing line

Trevor Morgan Javelin Fly Lines: A range of floating and sinking fly lines with unique profiles and the highest possible material specification.

In a marketplace awash with corporate commercialisation, isn't it refreshing to know that there are still people who really care about the art and experience of flyfishing?

People who behave with integrity and put product performance before profits? And wouldn't it be invigorating to discover a quality product that was designed with you in mind and genuinely delivers?

Here at Trevor Morgan Flyfishing we are fishermen, not businessmen, and our passion is for casting, not forecasts!

We have long been frustrated by the relegation of quality for the appeasement of shareholders and set out with one objective in mind; we simply wanted to develop the finest range of flylines in the world, irrespective of cost.

With the firm emphasis on performance and with a unique design and quality of material specification as a priority, the Javelin lines have established a benchmark of excellence that is unrivalled in flyline manufacture.

The purpose of Javelin is not to win competitions, but to enable you to reach distances never achieved with other lines and will benefit both beginner and experienced alike.

Javelin turns novices into intermediates and intermediates into accomplished casters and accomplished
casters into pros - almost immediately.

It is soft and supple and virtually memory free and can be cast in tight loops with assurance and grace.

In the words of the late, great Arthur Cove - “Javelin makes flyfishing easy!”

The Javelin fly line in action
The Trevor Morgan Javelin in action on the Shannon.                                                  Photo by Charlie Sargent.

The technical components of the plastic coating are superior in quality to others on the market and, as a result, Javelin slicks up and "shoots" significantly more than other lines; Javelin lines are also virtually memory free.

Best fishing practise shows that colours which blend in with the environment are less likely to alarm fish therefore, at variance with high visibility lines, the Javelin lines are a subtle two-tone; furthermore the mix of off-white and olive green gives them a distinctive point of reference for casting.

 Time and time again, at out London Fly Fishing School we watch our students immediately improve their casting presentation and distance because they have loaded the rod correctly with Javelin. The Javelin’s colour-change makes this easy because it clearly indicates where the shooting line ends and the casting head begins. Watch the colour for perfect performance!

The line at either side of the white/green junction, which gets significant wear and tear from the end ring of the rod, has been chemically coated to toughen it.

Javelin is the only flyline to have this process and therefore will outlast all other lines.

To eliminate hingeing further and improve "turn over" our loops are an integral part of Javelin and are made from the top quality braided core of all our flylines.

These loops are the strongest and most reliable on the market.

Undoubtedly the finest roll-casting line on the market, the Javelin floating lines float on top of the surface, not in it, allowing a delicate presentation to surface fish and enabling an effortless lift off the water for easy re-casting; similarly the Javelin Spey sinking lines sink effectively at a rate of approximately three to four inches per second.

Javelin has a unique profile, with a more effective weight distribution giving enhanced casting performance.

We recommend cleaning the fly line at least every other fishing trip so have included a line cleaner to help you take care of your Javelin.

Javelin Floating Line Sizes #5 £35

Javelin Floating Line Sizes #6,#7 £55

Javelin Spey Floating or Sinking Line Sizes #9/10, #10/11 £75

The lines arrive with a special line cleaner and a bag designed to be used as a very useful reel-spool holder. To order these, please contact Trevor Morgan direct.

We don't have millions to spend on marketing but we do have a belief in Javelin and are happy to let it speak for itself.

We are confident that the Javelin lines are the very best available on the market and will offer an outstanding performance which should aid your casting ability significantly.

Should you experience anything other than this, your money will be refunded forthwith.*

Designed by fishermen, not businessmen!

Trevor's Casting Tips

*(Terms and Conditions apply).

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