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Trevor is very careful about who he recommends. Listed here will be web sites that have been carefully selected by Trevor to compliment the services that Trevor Morgan's Fly Fishing Ltd. provides.


David Miller

A young artist who captures the very essence of the living animal. His main subject is fish, naturally, but he is equally at home painting other subjects.


Tyneside Leather Crafts

Craft producer of high quality leather goods. Manufacturer of Rods cases and Tackle Bags to TMFFL specification.


Cookshill Fly Dressing

Trevor has known Steve Cooper, the owner of Cookshill Fly Dressing, for a number of years. Therefore he can personally recommend their products for their exceptional quality and good service. As a yardstick of their quality, their Partridge feathers, whether natural or dyed, are the finest available. Move on to the other materials, and the quality is the same. Steve is always ready to give good advice.


Alchemy Carta Ltd.

Alchemy Carta has been established since 1975 delivering fast bespoke giftware/award solutions for companies worldwide. All of their pewter products are hand made from the finest English pewter with beautiful finished results. In addition to offering a diverse array of catalogued merchandise, Alchemy's highly skilled in-house designers, sculptors, toolmakers and metalsmiths can be commissioned to create unique personalised products for any event.


Bonart Ltd.(established 1922)

A family run company, providing their customers with a personal and friendly service!


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