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Fly reels for fly fishing — a personal recommendation

Which salmon fly reel do I use?

On my 15ft salmon rod, I now use the The Marryat Plus which is a wonderful piece of kit—it really is.  For a start, the capacity is significant.  In my experience 200 yds. plus a wt. #10 is nothing, or a wt. #12 with 150 yds. will fit comfortably.  In other words, this reel has a wide, large arbour drum, and, will meet all requirements of the modern salmon fisher, unlike many others on the market.

The anti reverse makes playing a good fish easy, and the disc drag is firm, responds instantly to adjustment, and is smooth.

Allow me this reel —the Marryat Plus 4.25in, my 15ft #10/11 double-handed salmon rod, a Javelin #10/11 Spey line, —and, I cannot think, or even wish for, a better salmon fishing outfit.

Marryat 4.25in salmon reel

Marryat 4.25in salmon reel


Which sea trout fly reel, pike fly reel and reservoir fly reel do I use?

Marryat M1 reel


The Marryat Large Arbour M3 reel.

This really is a good looking, robust, reel, and believe it or not is my choice for still water with my 10ft. wt. #7 rod. It will be a good choice for a #9 or 10wt. rod and line. Furthermore it would be my choice for the serious pike fly fisher.


Which river trout fly reel do I use?

Marryat M1 reel

The Marryat Large Arbour M2 reel.

My choice, and the fly reel I have now fished with on the rivers for the past twelve months, is the Marryat Large Arbour M2 in black.

The finish on this reel is super. The black anodising is as good as the day I first used it. (and I am an instructor, demonstrating, teaching, and fishing, so this reel has had a lot of use, or abuse). It speaks volumes for the standard of anodising.

Performance wise, the disc drag is superb, smooth, and easy to adjust accurately.  The line capacity will meet all requirements for river fishing, and will take my Javelin wt. #5 fly line plus 75 yds backing easily, which is all I need.  I personally recommend this to all river fly fishers.

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