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The Trevor Morgan Series of Fly Rods
Bespoke Saville Row Quality Rods, Craftsman built, in the UK

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It is understandable that there can be a marked difference between rods that are massed produced and those that are craftsmen made. The combined efforts of a master craftsman and an experienced fly fisher, Trevor Morgan, has produced an elite range of rods that offer outstanding performance.

Our rods are made exactly to the weight stated (i.e. exactly a 5 wt, a 7 wt, or in the case of the 15ft Salmon Rod, 10 - 11. That is a 10 wt for a sinking line, and an 11 wt for a floating line). There may be some changes within the rod making trade regarding the rod ratings, but we will stand firm with the established traditions which we have maintained throughout. This also is with regard to the support of our craftsmen whose knowledge and skill spans 50 years.

We have never had a rod returned. It is a proud record. If any purchaser who buys one of our rods and is not satisfied with the claims that we make, we will refund in full. We believe our personal service and quality of products exceeds any other guarantees available on the market.

Our rods all have a fast progressive action which will throw a line accurately and a considerable bit further than normally experienced.

The rod blanks are not varnished ( which flashes in the sun ) nor lacquered with any colour. Instead they are coated twice with an epoxy resin which results in a dark grey matt finish.


The handles are made from the finest Flor grade cork. The rings are forced individually down the rod blank to the butt. The handle is then turned to the required shape which means that apart from standard handles like full wells, half wells etc., we can build to individual requirements.

The handle also serves as a receiver for any signals coming up from the business end of the fly line. Consequently, you can detect a trout picking up a nymph and swimming towards you!!


The reel seat. We have examined a wide variety of reel seats and fittings. We, however, only want one that works and holds the reel securely throughout the day's fishing. The FUJI reel fittings meet our requirements and THEY WORK.

Furthermore, on our single handed rods the butt or extension piece looks up. A nice piece of craftsmanship.

All our rods have an extension piece for two reasons:

  1. It helps to keep the wrist in place so the forearm and rod work together.
  2. It supports the wrist when playing a good fish

The Rings for Trevor Morgan's Fly Rods

On all our rods the stripper or guide ring is located near the handle. This means it is easier to manage the fly line and when playing a good fish brings the load right down to the butt.

The intermediate ring on our rods are SINGLE LEG STAND OFF in hard chrome steel. These eliminate line slapping and promote distance casting by allowing the line to shoot freely.


The customers name can be inscribed on the rod just above the handle and on the rod case ( in gold leaf ).

The rod bag is made from Pertex which takes away moisture from the rod in minutes.




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