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Learn the art of fly fishing and fly casting at Trevor's
London School of Fly Fishing

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Fly Casting Tuition - An introduction

As you can see from the video clip there is an area of parkland close to our address near Dagenham, Essex, where you can really focus in learning and improving casting in complete privacy.

Trevor is a qualified experienced instructor who is now well established not only here in London and the home counties, but all over the U.K., Northern and Southern Ireland. (He has been coaching a group outside Belfast throughout this year, and the numbers are growing steadily).

As mentioned in the about page, you can get on the District Line tube to Dagenham East station, where you will be collected. This has been popular with those working in the London area and come straight from work.

Lough Fey, N. Ireland - One of our organised fishing breaks for a London group.

Essentially, this is a London school of fly fishing, where you can receive expert casting tuition, learn fly dressing, fly selection, basic entomology, fishing techniques, or just try out a new rod.

As well as getting the basics at Dagenham, you can have fly fishing tuition on the River Anton (near Andover, Hampshire) and a private lake not far from the Anton, which is in a nearby estate. This offers superb trout fishing on a chalk bed lake, where throughout the season there are constant fly hatches and a good "rise" of trout. It is ideal to learn stillwater dry fly and nymph fishing.

Of course, as happens quite often, it can be arranged for Trevor to visit your home fishery or location of your choice.


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